THE WIDOWER & the consumer..

He was a widower
who fell infatuated with
the companion of a consumer.

She consumed everything
he owned. He remained
infatuated with the fact
he wasn’t alone.

He isn’t the same
man he use to be.
Now he is bitter 
and without his immediate family.

We still love him,
of course we do
We wish he could see
what we see the
consumer do.

Have you ever dreamt of your fairytale ending?

Ever since I was a young girl,  I have always looked forward to my very own fairytale ending. To this day, I still imagine what unconditional love would feel like. The only downside is - no one ever mentioned that you have to get your heart broken first. And what if that first time you ever really truly LOVED unconditionally was your ultimate fairytale ending that never got to be fully written and published? No one will never know, and neither will you. That is the sad part. BUT, then you find love again and ANOTHER BUT.. it is not the same love you had when you fell in love for the very first time. It’s not as intense or passionate - so then the question is.. Is it even LOVE? 

My fairytale ending is still in the process of finding itself to be written and it will no longer be my imagination - but my REALITY. <3